Family, Palmyra New York

Trip to Palmyra, New York

In June when Jim and Noah flew to Ambridge, he stayed with us for a week. Before he flew back to Houston, we drove Northeast a few hours to a small town Palmyra in upstate New York. This is where Joseph Smith grew up and prayed to know which he should join.

Palma 2
Seth and Noah posing in front of the Hill Cumorah monument.


The Sacred Grove

We visited Joseph Smith’s family farm where he prayed and had what the First Vision in answer to his humble prayer. The area where the above monument is located is where an angel showed him sacred gold plates, which is an ancient book of scriptures about people who lived in South America. While we were there, we felt the peace of the Holy Spirit testify that this is sacred ground, and I’m so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is mindful of all of us.

I highly recommend you visit this sacred historical site regardless of whether or not you are LDS (Mormon).