I LOVE music, both listening to music as well as singing. My son and I have decided to create our own home recording studio, and are slowly buying the equipment needed (it’s expensive!), but will be worth it. It will take a while because we want to have high end items that will sound professional.

So far we have a microphone with the pop shield, a microphone stand, a special keyboard that makes DJ beats, speakers to hear how good or bad we sound. Although it will take a while before we can buy the rest of what we need, our patience will pay off…


15 Years Today!

15 Years ago today Jim and I were married in the Washington D.C. LDS temple (actually in Maryland).

Temple Wedding Pic

We knelt on an alter promised not just to love and take good care of each other, but to always remember the Lord, and involve him in our marriage.

Our Parents

I love this picture above with our parents. It was a sunny and hot, happy summer day full of love and smiles.

Investment Home

Contractor Trouble

*Warning: This is a rant. Feel free to skip this post. Unless you want to find out why I still haven’t sold my house yet.*

I have been too aggravated lately to blog complements of my contractor, Mike. He kept starting new projects and never finishing the one he was already working on, claiming that he’d “get to it in his order.”

A week and a half ago, he wanted more money, and when I told him no, I can’t give him money I don’t have for projects he wasn’t supposed to work on, he bailed on me. Even had the nerve to text me that he’s done more for me and my investment house than anyone else he’s ever worked for. I guess that means that he doesn’t finish work for any of his customers!

*End of rant*

Upstairs Bathroom Renovation

Almost Done!

Indoor Mike

I’m FINALLY getting around to updating my blog. I’ve been busy traveling back and forth from Houston and Pittsburgh, attempting to maintain a balance between home and working with my contractor, Mike. Β He’s very talented, and is almost done with the major projects in this house!

Below are some pictures of the upstairs bathroom that he’s almost done with:

New Light Switch.jpg

New Outlet.jpg

New Sink.jpgNew Wiring in Bathroom.jpg

New Bathroom Floor.jpg

Old and New Ambridge Bathroom

More pictures coming soon…



Family, Palmyra New York

Trip to Palmyra, New York

In June when Jim and Noah flew to Ambridge, he stayed with us for a week. Before he flew back to Houston, we drove Northeast a few hours to a small town Palmyra in upstate New York. This is where Joseph Smith grew up and prayed to know which he should join.

Palma 2
Seth and Noah posing in front of the Hill Cumorah monument.


The Sacred Grove

We visited Joseph Smith’s family farm where he prayed and had what the First Vision in answer to his humble prayer. The area where the above monument is located is where an angel showed him sacred gold plates, which is an ancient book of scriptures about people who lived in South America. While we were there, we felt the peace of the Holy Spirit testify that this is sacred ground, and I’m so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is mindful of all of us.

I highly recommend you visit this sacred historical site regardless of whether or not you are LDS (Mormon).