Good Friends

Good Friends

Sometimes everything in my life just seems to pile up on me: my children, my parents and brother who live with me and have some health problems. My pain and anxiety have really been acting up since Sunday morning, and my neck and shoulder were so inflamed when I woke up today.

Tamara and I
Tamara and I at the Houston LDS Temple

After coming home from taking my dog to the vet for his minor health problems (which was very expensive), my dear friend Tamara called. Soon after, my son became agitated with the video game he was playing, and my dad started talking to me, so I went upstairs to my room so I could talk without interruptions.

Tamara, bless her heart, listened to me vent, and then picked me up and drove me to her house. She used her doTerra oils on my back and feet to help ease my stress and pain. And it worked! What a sweet, thoughtful friend.





Birthday Fun

Although I didn’t sleep well the night before my birthday, I had a nice, relaxing day. Jim had an allergic reaction to sunscreen two weeks ago when he and Seth went white water rafting, which was getting worse instead of better, so I went with him to a Redi-Clinic inside of HEB (a Texas grocery store). After the nurse practitioner called in medication to our pharmacy, we strolled around the store tasting their free samples of food.

Birthday Cards and Flowers 2018

Afterwards, we went to Walmart to buy Pepsi, and then went home. My mom bought me flowers. Jim grilled delicious steak for my birthday feast instead of taking me out for dinner (my choice). He also bought me my childhood favorite, vanilla Carvel ice cream cake with tiny chocolate pieces in the center.

Birthday Cake 2018


It was an unhurried, relaxing day spent with my family. Just the way I wanted it.

Family, Galveston Texas



Jim and I watching the waves on the deck at Burdochs.

We love visiting Galveston Island. Between splashing in the Gulf of Mexico, the beautiful and historic Hotel Galvez, Murdochs, another historic store from 1910, we are NEVER bored there. I always feel a little sad and disappointed when it’s time to drive the 50 miles back to Houston.


So much to buy, so little money!
Investment Home

Contractor Trouble

*Warning: This is a rant. Feel free to skip this post. Unless you want to find out why I still haven’t sold my house yet.*

I have been too aggravated lately to blog complements of my contractor, Mike. He kept starting new projects and never finishing the one he was already working on, claiming that he’d “get to it in his order.”

A week and a half ago, he wanted more money, and when I told him no, I can’t give him money I don’t have for projects he wasn’t supposed to work on, he bailed on me. Even had the nerve to text me that he’s done more for me and my investment house than anyone else he’s ever worked for. I guess that means that he doesn’t finish work for any of his customers!

*End of rant*

Upstairs Bathroom Renovation

Almost Done!

Indoor Mike

I’m FINALLY getting around to updating my blog. I’ve been busy traveling back and forth from Houston and Pittsburgh, attempting to maintain a balance between home and working with my contractor, Mike. Β He’s very talented, and is almost done with the major projects in this house!

Below are some pictures of the upstairs bathroom that he’s almost done with:

New Light Switch.jpg

New Outlet.jpg

New Sink.jpgNew Wiring in Bathroom.jpg

New Bathroom Floor.jpg

Old and New Ambridge Bathroom

More pictures coming soon…