Fourth of July 2018


Eating Brisket
Enjoying our brisket and beans.

Due to the heavy rain here in the Houston area yesterday, we stayed inside the house all day. The kids played video games while Jim and I worked on organizing our bedroom clutter. We made three separate piles: stuff to throw out, stuff to give away, and stuff to organize and find a home for somewhere.

I found a lot of various pictures that I need to organize and scrapbook, and will be doing that for a long time.

Jim made brisket for us (the boys love it), and I took pictures of us in the kitchen.

Mom and Billy
My mom and brother Billy annoyed with me for taking their picture.
Jim eating dirt
My AMAZING husband!


Jen and Dad
I can always count on my dad to take a picture with me.

I am so grateful to live in this GREAT country! I’m so grateful for all of the men and women who serve in the military to protect us and our liberty.