15 Years Today!

15 Years ago today Jim and I were married in the Washington D.C. LDS temple (actually in Maryland).

Temple Wedding Pic

We knelt on an alter promised not just to love and take good care of each other, but to always remember the Lord, and involve him in our marriage.

Our Parents

I love this picture above with our parents. It was a sunny and hot, happy summer day full of love and smiles.



Of all the emotions we have – anger, hate, happiness, and fear, etc. – love is the most powerful, life changing of them all.

An image of a waterfall coupled with a quote by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland: “Pure Christlike love … can change the world.”
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Seth and I were watching a show called the 100, a post-nuclear war time where a portion of the population of people fled the devastating affects by living in a large ship they call the Arc.

Image result for the 100
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In this particular episode, on the heels of a beloved character who turned himself in to save his friends and girlfriend, which girlfriend then killed him to save him from a brutal death, is told that love makes you weak.

I find it to be the complete opposite. Love makes us stronger. Think of mothers who willingly sacrifice their lives for their children, parents like my husband who works so hard for our family. Or good friends who drop everything when we need them.

The greatest love story of ALL TIME was our Heavenly Father sending His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to the earth to show us how to live, perform miracles for us, atone for our sins in the Garden of Gethsemane, and completing His mission by dying for us on the Cross.

He did this for us. For. Us!

Because He loves us so very much, and proved to us that love is not weak, it’s the most powerful emotion.

Happy Friday the 13th!


Fourth of July 2018


Eating Brisket
Enjoying our brisket and beans.

Due to the heavy rain here in the Houston area yesterday, we stayed inside the house all day. The kids played video games while Jim and I worked on organizing our bedroom clutter. We made three separate piles: stuff to throw out, stuff to give away, and stuff to organize and find a home for somewhere.

I found a lot of various pictures that I need to organize and scrapbook, and will be doing that for a long time.

Jim made brisket for us (the boys love it), and I took pictures of us in the kitchen.

Mom and Billy
My mom and brother Billy annoyed with me for taking their picture.
Jim eating dirt
My AMAZING husband!


Jen and Dad
I can always count on my dad to take a picture with me.

I am so grateful to live in this GREAT country! I’m so grateful for all of the men and women who serve in the military to protect us and our liberty.


Good Friends

Good Friends

Sometimes everything in my life just seems to pile up on me: my children, my parents and brother who live with me and have some health problems. My pain and anxiety have really been acting up since Sunday morning, and my neck and shoulder were so inflamed when I woke up today.

Tamara and I
Tamara and I at the Houston LDS Temple

After coming home from taking my dog to the vet for his minor health problems (which was very expensive), my dear friend Tamara called. Soon after, my son became agitated with the video game he was playing, and my dad started talking to me, so I went upstairs to my room so I could talk without interruptions.

Tamara, bless her heart, listened to me vent, and then picked me up and drove me to her house. She used her doTerra oils on my back and feet to help ease my stress and pain. And it worked! What a sweet, thoughtful friend.





Birthday Fun

Although I didn’t sleep well the night before my birthday, I had a nice, relaxing day. Jim had an allergic reaction to sunscreen two weeks ago when he and Seth went white water rafting, which was getting worse instead of better, so I went with him to a Redi-Clinic inside of HEB (a Texas grocery store). After the nurse practitioner called in medication to our pharmacy, we strolled around the store tasting their free samples of food.

Birthday Cards and Flowers 2018

Afterwards, we went to Walmart to buy Pepsi, and then went home. My mom bought me flowers. Jim grilled delicious steak for my birthday feast instead of taking me out for dinner (my choice). He also bought me my childhood favorite, vanilla Carvel ice cream cake with tiny chocolate pieces in the center.

Birthday Cake 2018


It was an unhurried, relaxing day spent with my family. Just the way I wanted it.

Family, Investment Home

Investment House

Jim and Seth are in Pennsylvania again for a few days working on our investment house. Yesterday our kitchen cabinets were delivered, but they did NOT include the two counter tops that I bought back in October.


Home Depot’s special orders and delivery department has been awful. When we lived in Pennsylvania and remodeled our bathroom things seemed to go a lot smoother.

I’m hoping that Jim and Seth will work on the removing the last of the kitchen tiles in the kitchen so they can begin installing the cabinets. They are coming home on Sunday afternoon, and I can’t wait to just enjoy spending Christmas and New Year’s with all of us at home. As much as I love rehabbing this old house, it will be wonderful to spend time together creating Christmas memories and the smell of delicious food as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.