Christmas Season, Family

Christmas Season

My dog Kakes as a reindeer a few years ago.

December is one of my favorite months of the year. Between the Christmas decorations in our home and celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, life seems better.

Even the Hallmark channel has one Christmas movie after another where the characters often start out either depressed or self-centered, and then have a life changing experience where they are filled with the Christmas spirit by the end of the movie.

I have been trying to #LighttheWorld this month with small acts such as praying for others as a family and on my own, reading scriptures more often, give food to shelters to help feed the hungry, etc. and have found that this really does keep Christ in Christmas.


Seth and Thian

Seth and his friend Thian are best friends and consider themselves brothers. Thian often comes over here and they listen to music, and even calls me ‘mom.’ Tomorrow night our family and Thian, his dad, brother (who is Noah’s best friend), and his little sister, Patrice, are going to the movie theater to see Batman versus Superman.  I’m hoping we will enjoy watching this; the critics have given it bad reviews.


Seth and Thian
Leaving to ride their ‘trick’ bikes.
Thian standing with bike
Thian likes Seth’s new trick bike.





Sweet Memories

I love when I’m searching on my desktop for pictures that aren’t on my laptop (usually because my husband took them) and find ones of my boys from 2005. These are the kind of pictures that take you back to the day you took them, such as these:

First Time At My House

Sweet Seth On Swing

These two pictures of Noah (on top) and Seth (on the swing) were taken shortly after we met them in July, 2005. They were SO young and sweet here and I would often pick them up and spin them around until we were all dizzy!