Classic Movies

I can’t sleep, so I am watching an old movie, Bright Leaf, with Gary Cooper, Lauren Bacall, and Patricia Neal.

I’ve never heard of this movie, but it’s interesting. They just don’t make them like this anymore.

Family, Theater Room

Theater Room


A week-and-a-half-ago one of Jim’s friends/co-workers wired the projector and surround sound in our theater room after several hours of work. Jim and I have enjoyed watching one of our favorite shows, Person of Interest, and the new (last year’s) Star Wars movie.


We are LOVING it; the sound and picture is AMAZING!


Seth and Thian

Seth and his friend Thian are best friends and consider themselves brothers. Thian often comes over here and they listen to music, and even calls me ‘mom.’ Tomorrow night our family and Thian, his dad, brother (who is Noah’s best friend), and his little sister, Patrice, are going to the movie theater to see Batman versus Superman.  I’m hoping we will enjoy watching this; the critics have given it bad reviews.


Seth and Thian
Leaving to ride their ‘trick’ bikes.
Thian standing with bike
Thian likes Seth’s new trick bike.